Sailing boat excursions

Weekly excursions

Tisno Murter Bridge

Welcome to Tisno, p wonderfull settlement that extends partly on mainland and partly on island Murter .

Navigating through channel, under the bridge that lifts two times a day to allow many yachtsmen to pass through, we start our adventure!

 Weekly excursions

Whether you wish to sail, navigate, fish, snorkle, wander, explore or just to have moment of intimacy, we will comply your wish.

Let's explore beautiful bays of Croatian coast, interesting island settlements, taste sea specialities in restaurants...Or if you simply want to have restfull evening, expirience fully sailors life and let's cook some nice meal by our selfes.

While navigate get the ability of sailing!

Variety of knots, characteristics of winds on Adriatic, understanding of nautic charts…

That will all make sailing to you and your children even more delightful. In single tour you can get basic knowledge in sailing, steering, you can learn parts of boat and ropes necessary to lift and adjust sails. Feel the wind and live with sea! Experience of sailing is unforgettable!

Whole lifetime is not enough to explore magic and beauty of Croatian coast; breathtaking bays, colorful underwater, charming settlements that personate life of their inhabitants …

Therefore make a reservation on our Bavariji 44 C cause Croatia is waiting for you!